Boycott of Satanic Companies

Who to Boycott, Why and How:

PayPal: In early 2016, the state of North Carolina rightfully passed a law that people must use the public bathroom/restroom that matches the gender of their birth. This protects women and children and ALL of us from perverts who are sexually confused and mentally disturbed. I have the legal & constitutional right of freedom of speech. North Carolina has the right and the duty and responsibility to protect the citizens of their state. PayPal made a pubic announcement that they would NOT fulfill their plans to build a large PayPal center in the state of North Carolina, in protest of the new law protecting people from transgender & homosexual violation of our gender role bathroom privacy/standard. PayPal even ran a paid advertisement on Facebook telling the world that they are protesting the new law by withdrawing their plans to build in North Carolina. Thousands of decent citizens then began to protest PayPal by closing their PayPal accounts. I have personally closed my account and I encourage all Christians and all people of Faith and decency to do the same.
Alternatives: Dwolla offers free sending & receiving of money. Also offers online merchant accounts and other financial services. For 11 other alternatives to PayPal, please visit

Ebay: Ebay and PayPal used to be parts of the same company. They are now separate but both of their headquarters are still within the same city. Ebay continues to promote PayPal. PayPal is the number one source of payments that Ebay accepts and promotes. Therefore because of their affiliation and support of PayPal, we boycott them.
Alternatives: Your local auctions, flea markets, yard sales and newspaper. Your local businesses need your support!

Amazon: In 2012, Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of, and his wife, MacKenzie, have agreed to donate $2.5 million to help pass a same-sex marriage referendum in Washington State, instantly becoming among the largest financial backers of gay marriage rights in the country. Source="
Amazon helps raise money for abortion clinics. Source=
They also allow the sell of books & dvds on their website which promote homosexuality, abortion, satanism, etc. They do not set any morals or values in any attempt to protect the public from islam, abortion or homosexuality. Would you give your business to a local store that sells the satanic bible, abortion books and homosexual books? Well, that's exactly what you are doing when you shop online at
Alternatives: Your local auctions, flea markets, yard sales and newspaper ads. Your local businesses and local citizens need your support! If you HAVE to buy specific things online, then try to buy directly from a company website that directly sells their products rather than going through Amazon.

Google: Google tracts your every move. Google owns YouTube and the Chrome internet browser as well as the famous search engine. They have partnered with most of the cell phone companies and computer companies to require you to use a Google account in order to use your smart phone & features of your computer. They have pictures AND satellite images of almost every house and business in America. Most cell phones track your location via Google. Your internet searches also track your location and what you are reading or searching for.
Alternatives: DuckDuckGo
More search engine alternatives

YouTube: Owned by Google. See the Google section above. YouTube also allows violent hate speech against Christians, while prohibiting some Christians and other people from exercising free speech against islam & homosexuality.
Alternatives: I Saw The Light Ministries Prophetic Videos
I Saw The Light Ministries Other Doctrinal Videos

Vimeo Bans Testimonies Of Deliverance From Homosexuality, Claims It's Hate Speech!
Alternatives: I Saw The Light Ministries Prophetic Videos
I Saw The Light Ministries Other Doctrinal Videos

Facebook: Owned by Mark Zuckerberg who has repeatedly made public statements in support of Obama and leftist demon-crat agendas. He supports abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage and islam. Facebook allows violent hate language in comments/videos against Christians while prohibiting exercise of free speech of Christians from speaking boldly against islam, homosexuality and gay marriage.
Facebook requires that you use your real name in public online which is a major privacy issue and doesn't make sense in the global online internet world. The official rules is that you must NOT accept friendship of anyone who you do not personally know. This greatly reduces online social interaction.
Facebook tracts everything you do online, even when you are NOT on a Facebook page, and then markets you to businesses and even to individuals who pay for advertising. Advertisers (even if they are not businesses) can target their ads to Facebook users based on gender, age, location, interests & affiliations. For example, a person could market an advertisement specifically to women age 20 and less, who live within 25 miles of a specific zip code, who have an interest in rock n roll music and marijuana but who do NOT have an interest in religion. Facebook has kept record of your online activities in order to direct market your personality to people who you do not know.
Alternatives: Seen.Life, formally known as has greatly improved. They now look almost exactly like Facebook. So if you close your Facebook account and switch to Seen.Life, you will feel pretty much at home. Their servers are based in Iceland, away from the territory of Obama. The founder of Seen.Life seems to be Conservative. He is the owner of BeforeItsNews. Unlike all of the companies that I am boycotting, I have not yet heard anything about him making any satanic comments in support of any lefish agenda. Although there are advertisements on their website, they claim to not tract you or sell your information. I have not heard of anyone being censored on their website. So I do encourage you to join. Right now, there are not as many people as Facebook but it's growing every day. You can invite your friends and family. You can join groups that fit your interest or else start a group. You are free to befriend people who you do not know. So you are free to build an online network/community! Most members welcome new friends regardless of who you are. However, I have noticed that most current members are wacky conspiracy theorists. But there are also some really good decent people there as well. We can improve it with our participation.
Another alternative is to become more involved in the actual comments sections of the websites that you visit. Some websites, such as THIS ministry website, offer newsletters, comments sections, chat and/or forums. Become more directly involved in the websites that you trust. Support the causes and the leaders of the causes which interest you.

Starbucks: The Starbucks coffee company has repeatedly made public comments in support of homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and other leftist agenda. They even said that they do NOT want the business of people who do not support gay marriage. They openly lobby for demon-crat leftist agendas. Their logo is that of a pagan woman goddess.
Alternatives: Dunkin Donuts, a great conservative business.

Ben & Jerrys: The Ben & Jerrys Ice cream company is owned by two unrepentant homosexuals. The company lobbies for homosexual leftist agendas.

McDonalds: McDonalds has repeatedly aired commercials which promote homosexuality. They also have Islamic Halal marked fish fillets and some of the equipment that is used to clean their fryer vats are also Halal marked.
Alternatives: Hardees, Bojangles & local privately owned restaurants.

Target: Target Department Stores have a long, repeated and continued pattern of promoting homosexuality. Now they even have opened up bathrooms for men pretending to be women, called "transgenders".

We also boycott all companies that have registered for the Halal Islamic Mark to be placed on their products. This includes McDonalds, Nestle, Walmart and MANY other companies. Please Click here for more information about the Islamic Halal Mark of the Beast and a list of many companies worldwide who have already registered for their mark of the beast number.

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