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These are additional articles of I Saw The Light Ministries, of which are not listed are on the main navigation menu on the main (Home) page of the website. I place these articles in a different navigation menu because of the huge size of the website. I have so many articles and pages that I had to place them in 2 different sections.

Is Cremation of The Dead Acceptable
Should We Celebrate Our Own Birthday?
Dr. Bronner's Satanic Pure Castile Soap
Boycott of Satanic Companies
Should We Keep Hanukkah?
Do We Need Pastors & Teachers?
Are Church Buildings Forbidden, Required or Necessary?
Legalism About Secular Music
Why Do I Claim to be an Apostle?
How to Pray and Fast Effectively
The Alpha & Omega Bible, The most accurate Bible translation available to the common person in modern times. Translated by I Saw The Light Ministries. Free download.
Free Gospel Tracts
How Many Will Eventually Get Saved? Few OR Many?
Confederate Flag Prophetic Sign For America
Miscellaneous Exhortations: Conspiracy Theories, Planet X, Nibiru, False Flags
Proof the Japan Earthquake & Nuclear Event were man made & planned.
Tim Tebow & The goddess Nike Conquest
Selective Learning
Why we sometimes refer to ourselves as the Ecclesia of Theos At (location)
About Me, The Pastor of this Ministry, My Testimony
Who are What is The True Church
King James Version (KJV) Vs.Non-Existent Scripture Text/Taught (NEST)
The Islamic Structures on Top of the World Trade Center Towers
Anti-Christ Purpose of the Coexist Bumper Stickers
Swastika, 666, Mark of the Beast, Pergamos, Obama & The Roman Catholic Church
Shriner's Connection to Islam & Freemasonry
Flat Earth Theory Refuted
Rants and Raves: Pitbulls, People's Driving, etc.
Questions to Pastor Tim & the Answers
The Man's Domain The Men's Ministry of I Saw The Light Ministries. This is a Man's Cave Ministry. Please Males Only Please! Please tell your man to visit!
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